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Instead of a BMW.....

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As some of you know, I started another thread asking if I should purchase a 98 E36 BMW 323is. A good many said it sounded like a good deal and was what I was looking for.

Today I checked back into the used car dealer and it was nowhere to be found. But I did see an 03 Saab 9-3. I looked inside, it was nice, just as nice as the BMW, heated leather seats, nice dash, sunroof.

So I started to consider it. It's black with the nice wheels, I think it's a vector, since it has a 6 speed manual.

I test drove it today. Wow I was left impressed, I've never even considered a Saab before. And now I was driving one?

So what do you all think? I really like the looks of it and the inside and the whole driving experience. The only downfall is FWD..:( But I think I can look past it.

Oh and it has 92,000 and they're asking $9500 for it. I figured I'd offer them $8500 and see what happens.

Any info is much aprreciated. Like the last thread, performance accessories, reliability, and maintnence are topics of interest for me.

Thanks in advance guys!
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I do love my Saab 9-3. But I wouldn't touch a 2003 9-3 with a 10 foot pole. Most have electrical problems all over.

With that many miles, I'd be scared of things starting to go very wrong, even my 2004 is running into problems that have since been fixed. Luckily I have the 100k warranty so everything is covered.
I don't know what specifically goes wrong. But check out and such for more specifics. Before I started my search for a Saab I was told to steer clear of the 2003's. And also automatics. The older automatics have a high failure rate.

O and Saabs cost a ton to repair. I'm scared of whats going to go wrong when my warranty is done for. I have 25k left, but lately I've been driving all over Texas the miles are adding up quickly. :/
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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