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According to this story, the Skoda Ocatvia has the following specs:

-- 1.4L DI turbo engine (from VW)
-- 122 hp
-- 7 speed DSG transmission
-- 2,860 lbs.
-- 0-62 mph in 9.8 seconds

Auto News magazine measured fuel consumption at 37 mpg.

The Cruze's engine is very similar. It makes 15% more power, which usually is not a good way to increase economy. The transmission has one less speed and does not have a twin clutch. So the manual will be needed to compete. A Cobalt sedan weights 2,747 lbs. I doubt the Cruze will weigh less, so it will be about the same as the Octavia.

If Auto News magazine is anything like U.S. magazines, its writers manage to get mileage far worse than the average driver. So if it got 37 mpg, we can bump it up to 40 for normal driving.

Also, if you compare the 2009 Cobalt and Jetta, you see that even though the Jetta has a 6 speed transmission, it gets about 10-15% lower mileage. (This is true whether you choose the 2.5L 5 cyl or the 2.0L turbo 4.) So for reasons known only to the engineers, GM is able to get better mileage from a similar car. Add that to the 40 mpg, and you are around 44 mpg.

Can we expect the EPA rating to read over 40 for the city and over 45 for the highway?
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