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Innovative Ad Campaign by GM Canada to Reveal "The Specialist" in Reality T.V. Spots

Oshawa, Ontario (Thursday, April 1, 2004) - Only the best can become a GM Goodwrench Service technician, and Canadians will find out who's up to the job in a series of reality-based television spots to begin airing April 5th.

In a series of four 60-second commercials, viewers will be exposed to the demands of servicing the advanced technology built into today's GM vehicles. They will follow the highs and lows, personality conflicts and severe competition between candidates vying to be crowned "The Specialist". At the end of the fourth episode, viewers will be directed to, where the winner will be revealed.

Viewers who visit the website during the campaign will have a chance to win the lease of a GMC Envoy SLE or Chevrolet Trailblazer LS for one year.

Jennifer Dawkins, Director of Advertising and Communications for GM Canada, says "The Specialist solidifies GM Canada's position as the industry leader in offering innovative, non-traditional advertising to Canadian car-buyers by capitalizing on the growing popularity of reality television." The spots will be aired during popular reality shows such as Survivor and American Idol.
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