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Innocenti or Autobianchi revival? 2 new, small Fiats coming for developing markets

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I thought this was interesting...would love to see the Innocenti name make a comeback.

Seems everyone wants a cheap World-Car to produce for the developing world and 3rd world countries. This would be a good segment for Fiat to exist in - and a 3rd brand could fit the bill; especially as Fiat seems to want to improve it's image around the world and would arguably want to "protect" its brand-revival.

And now that brands like Tata are planning on jumping in the fray, it makes it that much more attractive. We know Toyota is planning on playing here and GM has already said it was working on such a project.

Fiat already has a "world-car" range in the Palio class of cars (Palio, Weekend, Siena, etc) - but the lifespan of that range is coming to a close and Fiat is already looking at even cheaper vehicles for places like India.




AutoBlog said:
Fiat is toying with the idea of spinning off the car, currently dubbed the "new Uno", as a separate brand. Over the years Fiat has absorbed a wealth of Italian auto brands and, as it did with Abarth, could revive either the Innocenti or Autobianchi marques.

1972 Innocenti Mini 1.3

1963 Innocenti 950

1982 Innocenti Turbo De Tomaso
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Wasn't Fiat's Palio supposed to be a "world car"? or am I mistaken in thinking that?

Either way - one wonders if the new small cars would be sold in Europe (western europe?) as we already have a huge variety of small cars from Fiat itself - Nuova 500, Panda, Grande Punto, Idea - surely four separate models in what is essentially a pretty similar market is already enough, even before you factor in the 3dr/5dr Punto?!
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