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Ugh... another tape and stickers job. It's as if Chevy is falling into the ricer mentality of more stickers = more hp. Well, truth be told, tape and stickers is an ancient phenomenon which just happened to be rediscovered by ricers. And to think; we could have avoided all this by having the older generation teach the younger generation about the futility of tape and stickers! Oh well.

I got the chance to see the Indy 500 Impala SS at a local auto show this weekend, besides the small decals and the gold "bowtie", it was hard to tell the difference from the regular SS.

that is true, but this is from GM. I guess its too late to make a 2004 Indy 500 corvette with the C6 on the way?

Maybe the pace car will be a C6? If not, I am sure that they will add some sort of decal package to a yellow or red Corvette convertible and use that, of course they would sell a version through dealerships. Chevrolet not selling a pace car Corvette would be like the sun not shining.

I would have prefered to see the Cadillac XLR as a pace car..but oh well.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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