Back in the early '90s, a new wave of vehicles took over the automotive world. The humble minivan was taking families out of sedans and wagons and putting the traditional car in danger. But with the Caprice wagon, Chevrolet tried to strike a blow for wagons.

With one more seat and enough room for a 4x8 sheet of plywood, the Caprice wagon had a space advantage over the average minivan, according to Motorweek's latest Retro Review.

And to be fair, the wagon made a good argument for itself. From the review, "it has lots of space, respectable mileage, and a degree of standard safety that no minivan can match."

"It also doesn't look like a delivery vehicle," concludes John Davis. But for all its advantages, it also had flaws. Not only was it massive inside, it felt massive, plowing into understeer through the slalom. And with a curb weight of 4,300 lbs, you can see why.

Whatever you thought at the time, one thing is for sure. The Caprice wagon has certainly aged better than the minivans of its day.