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I'm unsure of a few things

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Firstly, I own a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with 47,520ish miles, and I probably wouldn't give it up for anything. However I have encountered a few annoyances with it in my first year of ownership.

  • After sitting overnight, the gas pedal sticks in the off position, causing a quicker start than I would prefer.
  • Heat shield rattles @ 1400 rpms, whats the best solution?
  • After starting the car, I shift from park to drive, the car is idling slightly high, and an abrupt jolt occurs while my foot is still on the brake. I assume that this isn't good for the transmission or the brakes, but wouldn't mind be reassured that it is or isn't a problem.
  • The windows sometimes don't go up, if I wait for 10 seconds, and try again, they will go up fine. The sunroof sometimes doesn't open all the way, and the windows have different speeds everyday.
  • I also noticed a slight vibration while driving, it appeared to come from the front passenger tire, could this just be a loose bolt?
I'm not willing to sell the car over these inconveniences, but would like to know if there is a solution, to keep the car in better working order. I get crazy at the thought of resale value.
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You spose you could explain the gas pedal situation?

You may just be able to delete the heat shield...I'm not sure if its truly necessary on the GP (BUT IT MIGHT BE)

This seems normal of automatics, though what I do, if possible, is let off the brake before the transmission engages. I like older automatics where you don't have to step the brake to shift from park :cool:

Sorry I don't have any advice on your power problem

Your wheels/tires probably need to be balanced. Visit a good tire shop. Free-$8/wheel
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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