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I'm unsure of a few things

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Firstly, I own a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with 47,520ish miles, and I probably wouldn't give it up for anything. However I have encountered a few annoyances with it in my first year of ownership.

  • After sitting overnight, the gas pedal sticks in the off position, causing a quicker start than I would prefer.
  • Heat shield rattles @ 1400 rpms, whats the best solution?
  • After starting the car, I shift from park to drive, the car is idling slightly high, and an abrupt jolt occurs while my foot is still on the brake. I assume that this isn't good for the transmission or the brakes, but wouldn't mind be reassured that it is or isn't a problem.
  • The windows sometimes don't go up, if I wait for 10 seconds, and try again, they will go up fine. The sunroof sometimes doesn't open all the way, and the windows have different speeds everyday.
  • I also noticed a slight vibration while driving, it appeared to come from the front passenger tire, could this just be a loose bolt?
I'm not willing to sell the car over these inconveniences, but would like to know if there is a solution, to keep the car in better working order. I get crazy at the thought of resale value.
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I had a 99 GP. Tires need to be balanced on a regular schedule. Other complaints that you have are very common.
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