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I'm considering taking over someones Lincoln Zephyr lease... NEED HELP!

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I have never taken over a pre-owned lease before. It seems pretty straight-forward, but I have a quick question... Is the lease pay-off amount lower than the actual amount owed :confused: For example, the car I'm considering has 12 months left on the lease, the lease payments are $386/mo. 386 x 12 = 4,632. But doesn't Ford Credit adjust that amount (i.e. lower it) for people that may run into a little cash and want to pay their lease off early? If anybody has an answer please let me know :)... I really want the Zephyr but I cant afford $4,632 up front, and don't want car payments either.
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Re: I'm considering taking over someones Lincoln Zephyr lease...

I have never leased a vehicle so I may be speaking out my.............hoo ha.
So what I think I understand at the end of all lease is a residual, basically what the value of the car is worth, typically FMV, fair market value. So once you have completed your term, you can either give up the car, w/ nothing left owed, or take out a loan on the remaining residual. If I am wrong, someone please correct me!
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