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I'm considering taking over someones Lincoln Zephyr lease... NEED HELP!

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I have never taken over a pre-owned lease before. It seems pretty straight-forward, but I have a quick question... Is the lease pay-off amount lower than the actual amount owed :confused: For example, the car I'm considering has 12 months left on the lease, the lease payments are $386/mo. 386 x 12 = 4,632. But doesn't Ford Credit adjust that amount (i.e. lower it) for people that may run into a little cash and want to pay their lease off early? If anybody has an answer please let me know :)... I really want the Zephyr but I cant afford $4,632 up front, and don't want car payments either.
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Yes, if you were to pay off the lease, the amount you would owe would be less, but not by much. your stilling paying an interest rate on that money. know it would be that much.
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