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9-3 has 170 HP.
9-5 has 220 HP. The Aero is 250HP.

9-3 needs more HP. That's for sure.

You ever drive the current 9-5 Aero? That sucker is FAST. True, it won't outrun an M5, E55, RS6 but it will keep the 5-series and S-Types and E-classes and A6s in your rear-view mirror.... guaranteed. True it only has 250 HP.... but it feels a lot more than that.

What Saab needs to do is accelerate the development of the new Viggen.
And they need to figure out whether or not to give the go-ahead on the HOT Turbo V8 in the 9-5. I believe it was a 4.3L all-aluminum V8.
OR.... bring over the Hirsch Performance mods!!! Either will result in a 300+ HP engine.

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this is what i found from cheers and gears...dont know how reliable it tho so im not taking any responsability for it...

(approx. target ratings for unreleased engines)
2.8 PFI LP1 205 hp
2.8 light turbo LP9 (Saab) 230 hp Jan 04
2.8 high turbo LP9 (Saab) 290 hp
3.2 PFI LU1 225 hp June 04
3.2 light turbo (Saab) 250 hp
3.2 high turbo (Saab) 320 hp 360 lb-ft
3.8 (Holden) 250 hp 262 lb-ft (less power, more torque than LY7 3.6)

GM has previously stated that the HFV6 can be reliably boosted to 370 hp (probably in the 3.2-l turbo).

i posted this somewhere else too, but this info looks good for saab. so heres what you asked for.
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