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I got to test drive the new H3T

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I was out running errands, and needed to stop by my alternative fuel station to fill the Impala. The banner by the neighboring Hummer dealer advertised that they had the H3T's in stock, so I stopped by to check it out. I first sat in an Alpha model, but the sunroof made head room a mere theory, so I got out, and asked them about a "basic" model.

Their "basic" model wasn't all to basic, and still had about $4k worth of options tacked on to it. It did have the 5 cylinder engine, which is what I would spec anyway, so the salescreature and I took off in it.

Overall, I very much liked the truck. It would be a good contender to replace both the F150 and the Cherokee, and be able to fill both roles. The 5 cylinder is no race engine, but fits my ultra relaxed driving style just fine. I did not feel it lacking for power.

Unfortunately however, the "cheapest" truck still starts at $30k with zero options, and manual tranny. I like one, and want one, but will not part with that kind of money for a truck - especially when I can hop into a perfectly stripped down four Colorado or Canyon for less than 2/3 the price, and have it fill the exact same dual role.
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Wouldn't you be able to get that sucker with tons of discounts and rebates?
Um...people should look at character, the emotions and actions, not their wallet size.
The US economy problem in a nutshell.
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