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I got a recall notice for my Pontiac Torrent

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This is my first ever GM product. Before I bought my wife a Torrent in December, all I'd ever owned were Fords and Chryslers.

We got a recall notice in the mail today for the Pontiac. I find this somewhat amusing. I found out about this recall before we bought the Torrent, and I remember thinking to myself, "Gee, they HAVE to have repaired the ones still sitting on dealer lots. If I get a notice for this recall, I'll be dumbfounded."

Well, color me dumbfounded.

"General Motors has decided that certain 2007 model year Pontiac Torrent vehicles built without a head-curtain side impact air bag or without a sunroof [i.e., like mine] fail to conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 201, "Occupant Protection in interior impact." As a result, GM is conducting a recall. We apologize for this inconvenience. However, we are concerned about your safety and continued satisfaction with our products."

If you were concerned about my safety, why did you allow your dealer to sell me a known defective product in the first place? People blame plaintiffs' lawyers for the world's problems, but this is the kind of stupid stuff that results in million-dollar lawsuits. GM knew my car was defective. GM decided not to fix it. GM then send me a letter. GM probably hopes I will never receive or will ignore the notice so that they never have to spend the $20 to fix my car and make it safe.

Pardon my rant, but it chaps my hide I now have to take the car back for the installation of some foam that should have been installed before I bought it.

As an aside, I bought the GM extended warranty that goes out to I think 5 years/75k miles. I was shocked when they refused to provide a rental car for us when my wife took it in to have some problems repaired that existed on the date of delivery (2 rattles, a broken dome light, and a broken speaker). The dealer claims I only get a rental car after the base warranty runs out. Is that true?

At least we still love the Torrent, which is the most important thing.
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Well, in my eyes, that is definitely a step up! Even if I don't think the Torrent fits with Pontiac's image and is at the bottom of desirability in the CUV market (in terms of price, options, and engine), it is a really good looking vehicle. I'm happy you guys like it, because that really is all that matters.
Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I hadn't really thought that it could have been the dealer at fault for not fixing it. I'm not super worried. If I was a real safety nut, I probably would have bought one with side airbags.

I really like the Torrent package. The flexibility of the sliding rear seat is great. The best thing about this vehicle is that it was designed with the idea of comfortably seating adults in all of the seats. Sure, the kids ride in back, but it's also quite comfortable for adults. Adults cannot ride in the back of a modern minivan comfortably. As for the engine, I am a fan of pushrod simplicity and the great gear ratio and tranny really offset the engine's lack of peak power. It's smooth and reasonably quiet, and even has a nice exhaust note.

As for price, I can't really say. It wasn't a really big factor in the decision, buying the right car was more important than the price (as long as we could afford it, obviously). We only really compared it with Ford's Freestyle/Taurus X and the Edge, and the Edge was a ripoff and the Freestyle/Taurus X offer a truly miserable, boring driving experience, but are otherwise very nice vehicles. I've never driven or even sat in any of the foreign competitors. The new Journey has a lot of neat features but awful seating throughout.

Based on what I read in the automotive press I guess I'm an oddity, as hardness of interior plastics and precision alignment of panel gaps don't really figure into my purchasing decisions.
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