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Ship Sinks Near Singapore After Crash

Sun May 23, 1:04 AM ET

SINGAPORE - A ship carrying 4,000 cars sank after colliding with an oil tanker just south of Singapore, authorities said Sunday.

The collision between the tanker MT Kaminesan, carrying nearly 279,950 tons of crude oil, and car carrier MV Hyundai occurred late Saturday night, the Maritime and Ports Authority of Singapore said.

"Prior to the collision, warnings were given to the two vessels by the MPA's vessel traffic information service. The two vessels also communicated with each other," it said in a statement.

The accident occurred four miles southeast of the resort island of Sentosa, authorities said.

All 20 crew members of the Hyundai were rescued before it sank, the authority said. There was no immediate leak of oil from the Panama-registered Kaminesan, Maritime and Ports Authority spokeswoman Theresa Pong said.

The oil tanker was being towed into Singapore's port. Its 26 crew remained onboard.

In Seoul, a spokesman for Korean carmaker Hyundai, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the sunken ship was carrying both Hyundai and Kia cars and said they were gathering more informationon the accident.

Pong said both ships were transiting through the city-state, one of the world's busiest ports.

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