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Hype for big engine demise is overblown

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Fret not, my big engine brethren, Motor City muscle isn't going anywhere.

On the contrary, the advancement of V-8 engines is alive, going strong and on track to continue.

That's good news for Detroit's automakers, for people who appreciate supercharged cars and for the environment. That's right, the environment.
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I agree with you somewhat, t-rex. I don't believe there are as many affluent customers as you say there are however. Granted, there is a large market that Cadillac has not touched and will continue to abandon with their current lineup.

As for Pontiac and the other divisions, I simply do not agree with V-8 powered demand. The average Joe in America is living paycheck to paycheck, Visa payment to the next. They do not know how to save and feel little need to in case of emergencies. With any shift in their budget comes the screaming and crying mainly because they are overextended and cannot afford any extra costs.

Gas does not affect me too bad because I have prepared my family for unexpected expenses. We have a savings account and have more than $5 in it. I don't buy homes or vehicles I really can't afford, and I don't spend money on things that I can't afford either. We have 1 credit card in case of emergencies, but that is rarely used. For everyday expenses- we use cash!

I think the fuel crunch has hurt alot of everyday folks. Sales of smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles proves the shift towards fuel economy as a very important point in car purchases today.
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