General Motors Design has been showing off loads of cool examples of what could have been. Sketches of concepts and ideas the studio had that weren't brought to life exactly as they had hoped. Or oftentimes at all. These latest are a look at what the GMC Hummer EV could have been. And, well, they're still better than the Tesla truck.

The sketches showed off the inspiration for the Hummer EV that GM did reveal, and you can see some of the touches on the final product. But these concept sketches are clearly more ambitious than anything that could see the road. Just look at those almost completely exposed wheels, as a start. Only a tiny amount of bumper blocks them in front, and nearly nothing in the rear keeps them (and debris) concealed.

Just look at the wide and tall stance, which did make production, as well as a nose that's clearly inspired by the original Hummer. Those tow hooks are unmistakable, though it's missing the Hummer signature grille. Double stacked separated headlights give it an aggressive appearance, while we aren't sure what those massive vents behind the doors are for.

It's a futuristic look at an off-roader, and we wish that a few more details had made the final cut. The account previously revealed some styling bucks (pictured above) that show much of the transition between these sketches and the real deal. We appreciate GM Design showing off their ideas, making us wish we could spend the afternoon doodling for work. And that we could draw this well.