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HSV Evaluating Greener Drivetrain Technology - Diesels & Hybrids Possible

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A Green Tint Is Creeping Up On HSV As Reality Bites

Toby Hagon
17 May 2008

Australia's biggest V8 brand could soon go green.

Holden Special Vehicles is evaluating cleaner engine technologies to reduce fuel consumption and prepare for more environmentally aware buyers.

Future HSVs could use diesel engines or petrol-electric hybrid powertrains, among other fuel-saving options.

"We're evaluating our options [regarding greener cars]," says HSV managing director Scott Grant. "We've got to consider changes in the market conditions, and certainly diesel is becoming an important part of our future."

HSV believes it is immune to consumer backlash against larger, thirstier cars but admits the company must evolve, especially for the younger generation, which is generally more environmentally conscious than those over 30.

Most HSVs use about 15 litres of fuel per 100km - 50 per cent more than an average family car. The Holden-based HSV V8 range includes some of the thirstiest cars on the market.

Grant says HSV is conducting feasibility studies on a range of alternative engines.

"We're still in the feasibility stage, so we're nowhere near confirming what direction we'll go [diesel, hybrid, etc]," he says.

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The good thing for HSV is that they can afford to put more expensive power trains into their vehicles and not worry so much about the price point. Obviously they can't just add $20k to the price of any vehicle, but the dual mode hybrid system won't break the bank on a $60-80k HSV as opposed to a $30k Commodore.

Still strongly believe that the Grange & Senator are prime for dual mode, gives the executive ranks a fast car with much better gas mileage.
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