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How to Buy a New Car Through Fleet Sales

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This is very interesting. Also check out the comments.

If you're buying a new car, you may want to consider going through fleet sales. Fleet sales is aimed at business buyers, people buying cars for companies, but many fleet departments will sell to the public when asked. It can be an easier way to buy a car, with a minimum of negotiation and time spent at the dealership. Since you're essentially buying wholesale, it can get you a better deal on the car you want.

A customer showed this to me.

I think the article is not very accurate.
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here you MUST have a fleet ## to get the Fleet deals, must have more htne 5 vehicles registered in you company name, and the fleed deal is NOT always better then the retail..

So to use tall that smoke and mirror crap here would be funny cause in the end its a waste, first thing I ask when you mention fleet is can I see you fleet #....oh you dont have one.....
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