A few short months ago, Chevrolet wowed the world when development engineer Drew Cattel hot-footed a brand new Camaro ZL1 around the Nurburgring in a stonking 7:29.6.

After leaving several stomped supercars in its wake, Team Camaro decided to add the track focused 1LE package to the already race-ready Camaro ZL1, bringing advanced aerodynamics and the same Multimatic sourced DSSV technology used on both the new Camaro GT4 race car and the fifth-gen Z28, along with thicker rubber and a 60-lb diet.

During industry test pool sessions, a ZL1 1LE sporting a set of manufacturer plates joined Chevy's Corvette prototypes spending the week in the Eifel mountains.

The track focused uber-Camaro is believed to be three seconds faster around GM's 2.9-mile Milford road course than a base ZL1, but's unclear if the car is here attempting to set a new 'Ring record or if it's simply along as a benchmark.