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How It Should Have been: Thats a Saturn?

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Autoblog posted the video apparently that was made after they made the G rated commercial for TV.
With some spare time, they created a more R-rated commercial that would have been a lot better.
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I would say you could say the something for Pontiac as well. Namely the Solstice, soon Solstice coupe and G8.

To a lesser extent Buick. Except Buick's only, "That's a ****in' Buick?" product is the Enclave. Too bad the Velite could not be sharing showrooms with it.

If these see production we could also be saying, "That's a ****in' Buick?" as well.

Buick Invicta Concept

Buick Riviera Concept

... Or at least design elements similar to these.
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