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This is a slowdown in growth, not stumbling. They still make the best products in their respective class. The Accord wins a C/D 10best award almost annually and has a V6 and interior the Malibu would kill for. Same for the Passport and Odessey. The Cobalt might catch up to the current Civic just in time for the new Civic to raise the bar(is any else tired of hoping GM will catch up?)

Honda is an engineers company. They make the smoothest and most tracable engines. Wind up to redline a 3.0 VTEC and GMs 3.8( stand back, it might blow!) and you will see. Their engine rev like a mechamical symphany, like ripped silk sheets. Go row the S2000s shifter for more proof.

I also admire Honda because they are the best corporate citizens of the major auto companys. They dont belong to the anti-consumer/anti-environment Automble Manufactureing ***. or what ever its called now and their employees are not union because they dont what to be. They should merge with BMW. Now that would a company with engineering black magic!/
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