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How Ford Will Save Mercury

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When Alan Mulally came to the Ford Motor Company two years ago he finally forced the company to face reality. It wasn't going to go anywhere, he told his executive team, unless it put all its resources into resuscitating the Ford brand on a global basis.

So Jaguar and Land Rover were given the heave-ho, and Volvo was put "under review." The decision was made to let Mercury slowly die, and Lincoln's turn-around was put on the back burner until the Ford brand revived.

But as the company formulated its turn-around plan, it slowly dawned on everyone involved that there was a real opportunity to save Mercury. They figured out a way to give the brand a unique line-up of vehicles without breaking the bank. So in April of this year they took their ideas to Mulally, and after extensive studies they got the go-ahead in June to save it.

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Why is Ford making the Kuga for Europe and the Escape for the U.S. It is a waste to make both models. If it has just one compact CUV worldwide, then that vehicle will be in U.S. Ford showrooms, which means there will be nothing unique for Mercury.
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