Now that Chrysler has a new friend, GM wants to get in on the action and will ally itself to Honda in North America. Although not all the details on this alliance have been revealed or, indeed, decided, the companies have revealed that it will include R&D, platforms, purchasing, and connected services.

GM and Honda announced today that they have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to create an automotive alliance in North America. They intend to start discussions about collaborating on engineering work in early 2021.

This cooperation will allow them to "accelerate innovation and more effectively deploy resources in advanced and next-generation technologies," the companies said.

It should also allow them to split the cost of researching new technologies, which, they say, will make the future cheaper for both of them.

That will also include electrical platform sharing. Honda had already announced in April that two of its upcoming EVs would sit on the GM Ultium platform.

The alliance will also include vehicle-to-everything communication technology, infotainment, and advanced driver-assist technology.

GM and Honda have worked together before. Working together on hydrogen fuel cells since 2013 and together on autonomous technology since 2018, the two corporations have a rich history of collaboration.

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