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Holiday rebates on tires at CARiD

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The winter has already started, and the weather is making our daily driving more complex and less comfortable.
Winter tires definitely give you a good ability to overcome slippery weather's tricks and give more control over the situation on the road.
If you haven't get the winter tires yet or simply looking to get some other tire type with a better grip - it's the right time to check CARiD.

Our wheel specialists will help to find the best fitting tires with proper winter performance characteristics.
Another reason to check our shop now is that we're running special manufacturer's rebates on the best tire brands in the industry:
Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop and Good Year.

Check tires recommended for your model on the following page:

Tires at - Summer, Winter, Performance, Off-Road

The choice may be complicated for some of us, so please share your opinion and vote for the best tire brand in our poll above.

Below you can see details on rebates for each brand:

Pirelli tires rebate up to $70 - Pirelli Tires at

Dunlop tires rebate up to $60 - Dunlop Tires at

Good Year tires rebate up to $80 - Goodyear Tires at

If you're not really confident in this topic and not quite sure what the 245/40ZR18 means, you are welcome to check our Tire Basics for Dummies article at CARiD.

In case you would like to inquire about any wheels & tire question - please let us know, we will be glad to assist!
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From time to time bad things happen. Every driver knows that a flat tire can ruin your day. In such moments, we all dreamed about the same thing, a tire that will go an extra mile.

Now it is possible to equip your ride with Run-Flat Technology tires. With Run-Flat Technology tires, you can drive up to 50 miles at a speed of 50 mph after an air loss,which will allow you to get to a convenient stopping place. Refer to the individual vehicle manual for the maximum speed and distance the car can be driven safely after a puncture as it is subject to certain conditions such as weight and structural design.

The sidewall rubber ensures Run-Flat Technology tires can fulfill their function by supporting the vehicle's weight and load at zero pressure. To support this weight, a harder rubber is used. These tires are equipped with specifically made wheel beads to prevent the separating of the tire from the wheel.

Plus, the new rubber will reduce heat generation by half when driving on tires that have lost air pressure.

We were really stunned by the video filmed by Bridgestone showing the DriveGuard Run-Flat Tire, check it out here:

You can purchase the Bridgestone tires at CARiD, see more details and prices here:
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