Holden recently shut down its Elizabeth, South Australia plant. That means that its muscle car is going away for good. So an employee invited all of its final edition owners to the Lang Lang proving grounds to say goodbye.

The event was organized by a proving ground, Commodore-owning employee (with Holden's blessing) as a way to bring together the brand's most faithful customers.

Nearly 100 Commodore Motorsport Edition, Calais V-Based Sedan, and Magnum Manual Utes showed up for the once-in-a-lifetime event.

As with any proving grounds, security is tight at Lang Lang and few people ever get the chance to visit the grounds. That's because engineers are there working on pre-production vehicles.

The Commodore was the basis for the new Camaro as well as the Chevy SS, both of which were on hand at the event in left-hand drive configuration.

GM confirmed recently that its Australian operations would no longer build its own vehicles, putting an end to the Commodore (and the SS). Holden will now instead import vehicles.

[source: whichcar.com]