Holden has revealed the first details regarding the next-generation Commodore slotted for import from Germany.

The Commodore name will bestow a rebadged Opel Insignia, and as such also provides us with an officially sanctioned preview of the upcoming Buick Regal, including a top of the line V6 AWD model with 308 hp and 272 lb-ft, Stop-Start technology and Active Fuel Management.

The new V6 flagship will sport several cutting-edge weapons from the General's armory: torque-vectoring AWD, adaptive suspension, Matrix LED lighting, and a 9-speed automatic transmission, which Holden claims will provide class-leading driving dynamics and refinement.

With the shuttering of Holden's Elizabeth manufacturing facility it means the Commodore needs a new birthplace, enter Opel and it's assembly plant Russelsheim, Germany. The Insignia and Commodore will be nigh on identical, save for the badges, which is a result of the car being co-developed between Opel and Holden.

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"Holden has been engaged in this program from the outset to ensure the next-generation Commodore lives up to its legendary nameplate," said Jeremy Tassone, Holden's Engineering Group Manager for Vehicle Development.

"We know the first imported Commodore will come under a lot of scrutiny and we know we have a lot to live up to - this car delivers in spades"

Joining the top shelf V6 AWD model will be a pair of FWD 2.0-turbo four-cylinders in gasoline and diesel flavors. The Commodore will be offered in Liftback and Sportwagon variants based on the global E2XX architecture, which helps it shed upwards of 440 lbs compared to the incumbent. Unfortunately for fans of quirky things, the Ute is dead.

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"Although we are remain in the early stages of the Holden development process, this is an absolutely world-class car. We've taken a precision-engineered German car and endowed it with Holden DNA. It drives like a Commodore should," added Tassone.

"Of course, it helps that the underlying platform is absolutely world class! This global vehicle program, led by Opel in Germany, has produced a phenomenal base for us to work from. The genuinely cutting-edge all-wheel-drive system using active torque vectoring provides incredible traction and handling finesse. The key is what is dubbed the 'Twinster' rear drive module. Essentially, the traditional rear differential has been replaced with two individual clutches that not only save weight and improve packaging but provides virtually instantaneous active distribution of torque to the required wheel."

Infotainment is provided from an 8-inch configurable display, featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with GM's next-generation head-up display.

Holden claims the car will "set new benchmarks in its segment for technology, style, practicality and driving dynamics," but it has big shoes to fill as many Australians lament the RWD, V8 powered Commodore's death. As such the brand hopes cutting edge wizard technology will speak to the buying public, claiming the new Commodore will represent the most technologically-advanced Holden ever produced.