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Hey Rex, Congrats!

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I was looking at Slashdot and noticed that your company/website were mentioned. If anyone is interested, here's the link: Congrats on being slashdot'd! :D
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Thanks Skie.

The news of our new Retail store is really making a ripple on the net. Our site took a beating from the slashdot overflow, but it didn't totally die. It's back to normal now.

We've gotten over 10000 hits today. If only that was 10000 sales.

There'd be a new car in my driveway, and it wouldn't be an Aveo.
Yeah, unfortunately, the slashdot crowd (for the most part) isn't exactly the customer base for you since most of them use Debian/Gentoo with some RedHat/SUSE/Mandrake mixed in (according to today's poll on what's the favorite distro).
We will be carrying all those distros as well.

We went with Linspire initially, as it is probably the most Windows like and user friendly version, so that we can convert the brainwashed M$ users.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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