Hertz rent-a-car is selling off much of its stock of black and yellow Z06 Corvettes as it manages its bankruptcy. The Corvettes, of which there are about 20, are selling for around $60,000-a-piece.

The good news is that, although this isn't a screaming deal, it is a reasonably good price for a 2019 Z06. The other good news is that this is a great car with a good livery that will kind of inevitably be historic now.

Not only is it a Hertz car, which is fun, but it's also a Hertz car that they had to get rid of in the midst of a global pandemic--which means that we'll all remember the historical context.

The bad news is that people did rent these and as we all know not having to face consequences turns many of us into mechanical monsters.

They're all automatics, too, which makes sense but is perhaps a disappointment to a few of us.

Check the cars out at Hertz's car sales website.

[via: Jalopnik]