Last year, Hertz and Chevrolet revealed a 100th Anniversary Edition Corvette Z06. It was, of course, not 100 years of the Corvette, but 100 years of the rental agency.

Finished in yellow with black stripes, they also had interior touches like yellow contrast stitching on black seats and custom Hertz badging. The 100 cars were rented out starting last August. Now, they're for sale.

The Hertz rent-a-racer is nothing new. It started way back in 1965 with the Shelby GT350H Mustangs. They've done it a few more times over the years, including other Mustangs. They don't call them rent-a-racer anymore, but this is still a 6.2L supercharged V8 with 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.

While you might normally want to avoid buying an ex-rental, it's the only way to get one of the 100 anniversary cars. Hertz isn't saying where exactly they'll show up, either, which means if you really want one you'll need to keep an eye out at your local Hertz Car Sales Location. And probably the not so local ones too.

The special Z06s may never trade for the high prices an original GT350H commands, but they're still rare. Which means that they'll still probably be sought after by collectors. Because you've gotta catch 'em all.