China's getting another sedan that we don't. Sort of. This time, it's the facelifted Buick LaCrosse. 

With the facelift comes an updated look and GM's 8th generation Ecotec engine.

The new design is at least a sign of things to come, though, as it's among the first to feature Buick's new design language. Gone is the waterfall grille in favor of a darker, more horizontal look.

Around back, too, the 2020 LaCrosse has changed. New tail lights are connected by a chrome strip that meets in the middle at the Buick logo.

Meanwhile, that 8th-gen Ecotec is good for 237 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, says Buick. That's all fitted to a nine-speed auto and SAIC-GM says that it's the first engine to qualify for China's new 6B emissions standards. 

A 1.3-liter engine making about 160 hp will be available later.

the unupdated LaCrosse​

The Buick is being made in Shanghai at SAIC-GM's Jinquiao South plant, but not at Detroit-Hamtramck, where the current LaCrosse is made. 

While the US plant has had its life extended until 2020, the continued production will not include the LaCrosse or the Chevy Volt.