With 1,000 HP on tap from its supercharged V8, I think we can all safely assume that the Hennessey Exorcist is quick.

We now have confirmation, though, that not only is this fire-breathing Camaro fast, it's "pretty dadgum fast."

Achieving more than 145 mph on the back straight of Hennessey's test track, the driver also notes that it's one of the faster cars they've ever driven on the track.

Also of note are the layers of other-car defeating signals in the Camaro Exorcist's name. The more historically-minded among you will no doubt remember that although Camaro is a made up name, Chevrolet has long held it comes from an animal that eats Mustangs. 

The Exorcist name, meanwhile, is Hennessey's own creation, but was chosen because of the Dodge Demon, which this will exorcise (in this case the dragstrip is the cross, the engine's song is the latin incantation, and the Christmas tree is... well that already Catholic overtones).

Not since the days of the DeTomaso Mangusta (which came out after the Camaro) has one vehicle so directly challenged another, and I can't think of another car whose names call out two competitors.

No matter how many Demons or Mustangs the Camaro Exorcist beats in the quarter, it will always have a place in history for being the first vehicle to burn two competitors at once.