Sure, your roll-caged Mazda Miata or Honda Civic hatch is pretty cool. And a Corvette ZR-1 or Porsche 911 GT2 RS is pretty quick on track. But no matter how quick or raw they are, they aren't race cars. Not real race cars. If you want a real race car, Hendrick Motorsports has what drivers crave.

Hendrick Motorsports is selling tube-frame, track-ready racecars, based on the company's top-level NASCAR chassis. Hand built, intended "for personal track day use," the company calls it the Hendrick Motorsports Track Attack Program.

These are frames the team has actually used. The cars were originally intended for top-level NASCAR competition and run by one of the company's four Cup Series teams. Because at those levels, cars are constantly being turned over, instead of cutting them for scrap, Hendrick is going to sell them.

Now that doesn't mean you can buy one and enter the Cup Series tomorrow. Hendrick says that they're modified. Lightened, simplified, "no longer bound by a rule book." Which probably means that the best trick bits are gone. But these are still real racecars, ready to make you a track day hero. Or let you embarrass yourself until your skill level improves.

It's a dream list of racecar parts, including a fully adjustable suspension. You can get a round of wedge or change the track bar just like on TV. They've also got mammoth brakes (and new brake lights), a fuel cell, and a race-car ****pit with digital dash. The stock powertrain is a 627 hp Chevrolet LSX 454 small block that can run on pump gas with replacement parts available from most Chevy dealers. More powerful engines are available, as are five and six-speed gearboxes (including sequential and rev-match shifting) in place of the stock four-speed. A 2013-2017 Chevrolet SS body or a 2018-present Camaro ZL1 is available.

They'll build whatever your budget allows, though no starting price is listed. Want to unleash your inner Harry Hogge or Cole Trickle? Here's where you start.