Chevrolet is back to building C8 Corvettes, and it looks like we'll still get a decent number of 2020 model year cars despite the strike and the COVID-19 shutdown, but one of the coolest options is going away. The High Wing Spoiler, says a new report from, is not making it through to the end of the year.

The Big Wing, says the report, is a victim of its own success. Dealer documents leaked by the site show that the wing is dropped because the supplier for the part couldn't keep up. It says that "High Wing spoiler no longer available due to overwhelming customer demand that exceeded forecast."

But hey, even if there's no big ol' wang to stick on the back, this is a Corvette, and so Chevrolet will have plenty of accessories to keep shoppers happy. Like this amazing piece of plastic work. Black contoured floor liners and cargo area liners with the Corvette Racing Jake logo! That's for both the frunk and the regular trunk, so take that, WeatherTech. There will also be a new indoor car cover that looks like a C8R, should your C8 be feeling some race car envy.

Some orders will still get their visible carbon ground effects, another option dropped because they couldn't meet demand, and affected customers should have been notified. Three other ground effects packs are still available including painted carbon flash, black, and short sills in black. That's in addition to dozens of other factory and accessory options. So go out and accessorize, knowing that the C8s will flow once again.