Guys! Hot cars are a bad place to leave your kids. I didn't think we had to cover this but apparently we do. Stop it! Stop leaving your kids anywhere you wouldn't leave your pets. It's dangerous! And GM agrees, because it's installing a rear seat reminder in some of its cars.

I'm sure that you, dear reader, are aware of this, but apparently the people of Texas need reminding because they've led the US in hot car child deaths for 20 years, according to Fox4News. 

Now, some of that may have to do with the, you know, temperature in Texas. But I've watched the Weather Network. I know Texas isn't the only place that gets hot.

So GM's Rear Seat Reminder is there to keep you from leaving a kid in the back seat. It doesn't actually detect if there's anyone in the back seat, but does keep track of whether or not the back doors have opened to remind you that there might be a living creature back there (canine, sapien, or otherwise) that you should--again--NOT LEAVE THERE.

The problem isn't just that it's dangerous during a heatwave, it's dangerous even when the weather is a little milder. That's because glass acts as a greenhouse allowing the sun's heat in and the insulation and sound deadening act like a blanket, keeping the heat in.