A new trademark application for the name Guidex has been filed by GM and it will apparently refer to "lenses for vehicles." Despite the new trademark, the name isn't new.

GM formerly used the Guidex name for a variety of lights and reflectors. This was back in the '50s and '60s when absolutely everything on a car got a wowie zowie name. The name has value within the classics community, though, since collectors will pay to have the name on their lenses to keep their cars as close to original as possible.

It seems likely that GM's new trademark will apply to something a little more impressive to modern car buyers. The Hummer EV, for instance, will have a huge variety of new features-many of which will be for off-road use. 

***********.com, which discovered the trademark application, suggests that it might be the name of an as yet unannounced feature that will help guide the Hummer through off-road trails. It could make use of the vehicle's Ultravision Camera System that provides drivers with a "virtual spotter" in off-roading scenarios. 

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for GM to announce all of the Hummer's features before we know for sure.