They created a monster, but nobody wants internal combustion no more, they want EV. Gas is chopped liver. It's at least part of why Cadillac's amazing new V8 lasted for about as long as it could run a quarter-mile. But there's new hope for the beast of an engine. 

The 550 hp, hot-vee, 4.2L, twin-turbo Blackwing V8 might not be dead just yet after all. Sort of. It'll still be mostly dead, there just might be a few dozen cool supercars that get fitted with the engine from an Italian concept car builder.

After being MIA from the new Escalade, and not fitting in the CT5, we assumed Blackwing was never going to fly. But Hagerty reports that the new owners of GM's Propulsion Engineering Center in Turin have found somewhere to put it.

Punch Group, which bought the shop where GM had been designing diesel engines, has partnered with Manifattura Automobili Torino, the coachbuilder making the New Stratos Lancia Stratos homage as well as the Aspark Owl electric hypercar.

MAT president Paolo Garella told Hagerty that the company would be designing a new limited-production model, and that car would be powered by the Blackwing. "We have an agreement with General Motors. It's a very-very interesting engine, a 4.2-liter twin-turbo reverse-flow V-8. I believe that for Cadillac, it's discontinued. They aren't using it anymore," Garella said.

We're not sure what MAT has planned to put the engine in, but we're pretty sure it won't lead to many more Blackwings coming into existence. The company is making just 25 New Stratos specials, and if the new car sees similar volume that's approximately the number of engines GM loses behind the couch in an average day.