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WTF?  So why does "Pontiac" need a version?  Just sell more "Classics"!

Oh yeah, well what about those Pontiac dealers that live off of fleet sales?

Not really but they do help and some fleets won't buy from thier local Chevy dealer

Fleet sales don't just dilute value of a particular model - they dilute brand image, too, esp. for the first time drivers of Pontiac who will conclude all Pontiacs are like the Grand Am they picked up at the Airport.

Band-aid solution:  Make an ultra-low trim version of the G6 coupe, label it "G4" with a base Ecotec from the base Malibu, and then you can keep its model resale value erosion from hitting the "G6" - AND you can save people from making their first ride in a Pontiac in a car that is outdated.

On the contary, These G4's coming back to dealer in 6 months via the auction with 10-20k at a price $8-10000 less than the brand new G6 parked just across the lot would lessin the brands over all worth far worse.
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