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Originally posted by Mikkoo@May 22 2004, 02:01 PM
Quote: First off I would like to say good for you and yours. But the people that are affected the most by rising gas prices are the people who have to drive 100+ miles a day to get back and forth from work each day. Such as I. You do the math.
I think you will be a little more understanding. Gas prices need to go down plain and simple,anyone else like rising gas prices, I think not.

First off you have not said why you need to travel such distances in Oklahoma.
It can't be that housing is so expensive it forces you to drive 100+ miles per
day. Gas prices might stay around $2.00 per gallon. You might need to just
except that. Nobody likes rising gas prices, but wishing they'll go down might
not be real at this time. Take a deep breath, relax and quite complaining.
This is the problem. The vast majority of people who live outside the US or Canada don't understand our driving habbits, because they live in an area that has had thousands of years to develop. When real cities and towns began in North America, the horse was already a widely adopted means of transportation, so things were a little bit more spread out (you didn't have to walk everywhere). Cities were generally spaced rather far apart, because there was so much land available. It's not always practical to live where you work in this country, because we are much more spread out as a nation. Construction jobs especially often involved a lengthy commute, because people aren't going to keep building things in the same location, so jobs shift around a lot. Also, once you've built your own house or purchased it, you don't want to have to transplant your family again when your job changes or you get moved to a different location unless you absolutely have to. We still have the cheapest gas prices in the world, but we also drive more than anyone else in the world. I have two jobs, one is about 3 miles (5km) away, the other is roughly 16 miles (23km) away. So I drive about 38-40 miles a day just for work. I use up a tank of gas ($40 for about 18gal) in 7-9 days, depending on what other driving I do. You shouldn't tell us to quit complaining, because that's our right as human beings. The better thing to say is that we should keep some perspective. Unfortunately, that's not very practical for how much we drive. I will have to borrow money in order to buy another tank of gas before I get paid in two weeks (both paychecks yesterday are already nearly gone from paying bills).

Anybody who thinks that it's a good idea to buy a big SUV right now because it costs less at the moment is a fool. Gas isn't going back to $1.50/gal. We might see it below $2 again this year, but not by much. This isn't a short-term price hike, but I don't think very many people appreciate that fact. I didn't want to believe it when prices first started to flirt with $1.90 for premium, but I've come to accept that we're just going to have to pay more for gas from now on. And whatever the specific economic factors are that caused this current price hike, I'm not expecting them to change drastically any time soon.

My plan right now is to buy an Escape Hybrid in January when they finally hit the non-'green state' dealerships (Ford is producing 4000 this year to go to dealerships in 'green' states -- CA, NY, NJ, DC, etc) and 14,000 next year for general distribution.
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