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Originally posted by powervette@May 22 2004, 10:47 AM
I see that LPG is completely unpopular in the U.S,if the gas prices don't stop to increase,I am sure it will become popular in 2-3 years.

By the way, average American salary is 10 times higher than for ex.
in central Europe so what do you worry about guys?
This one always brings a smile to my face. I have driven a propane powered car as a daily driver every day since 1991. I have made countless trips into the US with it, and never once had a problem either finding fuel, or being gouged. Lots of us use propane for a myriad of things, including refrigeration of tractor trailer units, so all I ever need do is pull into a truckstop, ignore the incredulous look that I get from the attendant, and show him/her that it fuels just like the big rigs do. Never once have I run out, or short, but if I do, all I need to do is borrow somebody's barbeque tank. Yes, I'm serious, I bought a fitting for $12 to adapt it to my tank filler.

The good news:

1)it costs $1.18 per US gallon. (what I paid last week in WA)
2) It runs cleaner so you need fewer oil changes, and the engine lasts much longer.
3) You can decide what sized fuel tank you want. My current tank capacity is 32 US gallons.

The bad news:

1) normally 6% less power. (or you can get very close to rated bhp if you tune it just right)
2) the timing gets wayyy advanced so that some electronic ignition modules don't work right.
3) your valves need to be very strong, or propane/timing advance can burn them.
4) the conversion is around US$1300.

I still don't believe that the price of gas will cause people to alter their driving habits much. They'll keep buying SUV's because that's in style right now. I converted because of the amount of tax included in a litre of gas, and a $500 rebate offered by the federal government at that time.
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