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Of course any plow thats on a Ford will not fit a Chevy without some mods or something as simple yet $pendy as a new push bar aka mounting carton and a different wiring harness. Depending on what kind/model of plow you have and exactly what vehicle it came off of and what vehicle it will go on it will
be a unknown as to what is involved.......................

For example I swapped my Western Ultra mount plow from my 01 chevy 2500 to a 04 2500. The only parts to swap were the push bar (mounting carton) and I had to purchase a different truck side wiring harness at a $pendy $400
A few years later I swap the same plow from my 04 to a new 07 GMT-900 2500 and needed a new style push bar $450 as well as BOTH truck side wiring harnesses $500 and new $250 wiring module as Western stopped using relays and a new set of plow lights as well at $250 along with labor it cost $1700 !!!!
Still cheaper than $5000 US for a new plow rig!

So its a crapshoot on what it would cost to swap a plow rig onto a different
truck. But with a little knowhow and help it can be done and sometimes
cheaply~! Good luck!.........geo

These guys can help:
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