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Saw this at Autoweeks forum, and it really made sense. These new "sport vans" aren't meant to be 'must have' killer market share stealers. The logical plan described below is that basically GM is going for volume. Saddle Saturn with a rounded Venture-rehash powered by a pushrod engine and 4-speed and lose the plastic when all of its other cars are angular and modern with CVT or 5 speed transmissions, plastic panels, Opel-designed DOHC engines, and other "import fighting" features? This makes little sense until you look at the larger's a means to achieving maximum factory output.

what annoys me

So the new GM minivans aren't good looking? who cares!? What pisses me off is that GM is pretending that they are 'all new' 'crossover sport vans'. One look at these hideous creatures and I can tell that they are makeovers of the current slow-selling minivans. New front fenders and hoods and bumpers - so now they aren't minivans? It is the typical GM bullsh!#. Why do they waste our time? No matter what they call them or how 'butch' they make the grille - these vans will never be as good as an all-new product from Honda or Toyota. GM should not be a niche player in this segment, they should have a great product that is not just competitive, but a leader in function, quality, and style. But instead, they figure that if they have a version in every GM showroom, they can push 150,000 a year, under seven different nameplates: Saturn, Buick, Chevy, Pontiac, Hummer, GMC, Subaru, and perhaps even SAAB. Great. Keep it up GM and your rebates will soon be $10,000 per vehicle instead of $4500.

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