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To allow the other thread to get back to its main topic, lets bring the overlap debate here and how to fix it...

Here's my take on how to deal with the midsizers...

Malibu $20K-$30K
Epsilon FWD
Should be focused on having decent handling, great gas mileage, sleek but not offensive styling, and a comfortable ride. Should be roomy and have a good pricing setup, and aimed directly at the heart of the midsize category: The Camry and Accord.

Interior material quality should be improved, and features such as a navigation should be available as the vehicle should be able to be loaded to the brim as it customary in todays higher-end midsizers such as the Camcord.

Should offer 2.4L (180 HP) I4, 3.6L (260 HP) V6, and hybrid.

Aura $25K-$36K
Epsilon FWD/AWD
This should be European-inspired in styling and its handling. Sharp, direct steering, sleek European design, and a high quality interior fit-and-finish. Aimed at the TSX.

Priced higher than the Malibu, it also should come with a little more intimate interior with more aggressively bolstered seats and a tight but not harsh suspension tuning, a la 3-series or TSX.

Manual should be available on the turbo 2.0L (260 HP) I4 and DI 3.6L (304 HP) V6. Hybrid should be available. XE should be the I4 while the XR should be the DI 3.6L. Redline version should see a more aggressive suspension tuning and a small bump in power - upto 310 or 320 HP. AWD should be an option on the XR, standard on the Redline. (With respect to the CTS, the CTS should, as its been talked about, have the DI 3.6L be its based engine, possibly bumped to 320 HP)

The Redline is not a must have, but would be a nice and interesting addition to this lineup.

G6 $20K-$30K
Alpha RWD
This should be priced similar to the Malibu. A sporty suspension, tight steering, and aggressively bolstered seats should be the setup on this RWD sport sedan. Aggressive but clean sheet metal. Manual standard, tapshift optional like in the Aura.

Should use the same engine setup (2.4L I4 and 3.6L V6) as in the Malibu. Possibly a little more spendy.


Doing this would allow GM to focus the Malibu as a top seller in the standard midsize category hanging with the Camcords. The Aura should be a sportsedan midsize Euro-inspired TSX competitor. And the G6 can be a unique sport sedan in a FWD-only category. Both the Aura and G6 should be a bit more niche so that they can focus them on what they should be.

This gets rid of the overlap issue and helps to give 3 distinct offerings in the midsize category. No more overlap, a more defined and focused model setup, and something to help focus their respective brands.

Saturn - Sporty, European brand.
Chevy - The Good Old American brand.
Pontiac - True sporty RWD brand.

Thoughts? Anyone want to give it a shot on the Lambda's or these midsizers? Or anything else for that matter?
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