GM's Maven brand is known for car-sharing services. But it wants to expand to sharing more than just cars or trucks.

"If there will be a UFO that is going to be able to be shared, I would expect at some point to be able to put it on the Maven platform," Julia Steyn, vice president of GM Urban Mobility and Maven, told Automotive News.

The service is, of course, starting with cars and trucks. Steyn said that those will remain the growth focus for now. But she also said in the future the program could include anything that sits around gathering dust. From lawnmowers to RVs. "We want to bring Maven to a diversified and large marketplace that fits people's personal needs and professional needs," she said.

Maven launched in 2016 with a fleet of cars available for short-term rentals using an app. The company said at the time that it wanted to be a mobility brand, not just another car share service. The company now offers Maven Gig which provides vehicles to delivery and ride-hailing drivers and Maven City which offers short-term rentals to consumers including peer-to-peer sharing.

[source: Automotive News]