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GM'S BAS hybrid systems vindicated : Toyota now planning a mild hybrid.

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Short PR type release although lots of info - at the link.

Actually four vehicle or three/four vehicle programs are mentioned.

Three with Ni H for 2009 - including the new Prius, and a fourth PHEV with Li ion for 2010.

Seems to possibly contradict some earlier recent announcements or clear them up or who the hell knows at this point - maybe like in Australia, it depends on whose doin' the talkin'.

Li ion now seems a little further out - at least for these three.

Toyota Plans Two New Hybrids

Published June 11, 2008
The Toyota Hybrid X concept, which debuted at the 2007 Geneva International Motor Show, was intended to “create a new design language for hybrid models.”

Today, the company announced two new hybrid models in the works.
Toyota also announced new 1.3-liter and 2.5-liter gasoline engines using stop-start technology to debut later this year, according to company statement.

This would mark Toyota’s first venture into a mild hybrid system.

So far, all of Toyota’s hybrids are full hybrids, providing the capability to launch forward without using gasoline.

Stop-start hybrids, which don't burn gas when the vehicle comes to a stop, yield fuel efficiency gains of about 10 percent compared to conventional models.
Perhaps start stop is assumed to be with a battery ?????
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Re: Hybrid PR War Continues: Is Toyota now planning a mild hybrid ?

One good thing here is that they are not calling the Start/Stop stuff a "hybrid". In fact, that's something that could be added to any vehicle for minimal cost. I'm surprised it's not more common. I can see it added to every vehicle sold, in all categories.
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