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More coming soon...(especially STS ones)

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Front

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior

SRX, CTS-V, and XLR at the STS & 9-7x introduction

Me getting run over by an H2

Acura RL Prototype

Cadillac STS Nav Screen

Cadillac STS rear Legroom

Cadillac STS at a dinner event, it really looks great compared to the Crown

Buick LaCrosse with a much more appealing Tan and black mix

Buick LaCrosse looks stunning and classy in black

Pontiac G6

Corvette Vert, looks like a fish in this pic

Corvette Coupe: STUNNING!

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Nice Job with the pics!!!!!!

Can't wait to hear the DVD-Audio system in the STS. I'm sick of seeing the Acura TL get all the surround-sound press in the A/V mags........

Now if only the "Dual-Disc" (DVD-A/CD-A on one disc) format takes off..........


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Saab 9-2x and 9-3x respectively at the 9-7x/STS unveiling

Cadillac STS after its Unveiling

Equinox Rear Seat

Equinox Dash

Equinox Cargo Area

Salsa Red Equinox

Cobalt Sedan LT Rear

Pontiac G6 Rear (Any Similarities ^^^?)

Velite's Butt (Baby Got Back!!)

Gorgeous Velite Wheel

Velite front end...kinda looks scary in this one!

H3T wheel

H3T Front

Saab 9-3 Convertible AERO

The STS I sat in

Self Explanitory

My Favorite pic by far...

STS Interior

CTS-V interior...


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Very good pictures. The bright red Corvette and Cadillac STS look very good. I really like the one picture you have of the front end of the STS.

The Cobalt rear looks nice, but I see Neon in the tailights. I wonder why. Still, I think the Cobalt will do well for Chevrolet.

I have yet to see a real good picture of the Buick Lacrosse from the side. I think black would really make the car stand out, but I think this is a car I need to see in person. I'm not sold on it yet.

Did you get any pictures of Ford products? (Probably a bad question on this board.) It would be interesting to see what their stuff looked like under those same conditions.
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