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Originally posted by chadbarb99@Nov 24 2003, 03:40 AM
When is that engine ever going to die (3800)?? It doesn't produce enough power and when will the 3.6 liter be offered??
Produce enough power for what? Most of the people I see driving Buicks are "blue hairs" and soccer moms. If you think that a 250HP gee wiz engine is going to attract rice-a-roni super street racers to Buick... whatever. Buicks attract people who are looking for big cars with a cushy ride(me included). In fact I wish they were bigger and softer sprung. But of course that would prevent me from charging up those mountain twisties or laying down some rubber at the local drag strip. 200HP is fine for gettin' groceries and merging into highway traffic. If you need performance, buy a new and upcoming Caddy, Pontiac, or Corvette.
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