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Originally posted by New_Mexico_Sunset_on_Rt66@Jun 22 2004, 02:14 PM
I think at some point GM will exercise their right and purchase the rest of Subaru, which is part of Fuji Heavy Industries, which is what GM owns 20% of at this point. Subaru is just a part of Fuji Heavy Industries.
It was my understanding that GM's own Rick Wagoner frowns upon fully aquiring additional auto companies. He favors partnerships to acquisitions, as the latter do not offer anything substantive beyond the former. With its alliances, GM still gains access to the specialty talents of its alliance members, and Suzkui and FHI gain access to GM's strengths. That makes sense to me, and it's win-win for all companies.

Besides, there are better ways for GM to spend the nearly $15.0 billion it would take to buy Suzuki and Fuji Heavy Industries, no?
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