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GMC HD new grille?

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I was reading another post at the GM Trucks message board that the '05 GMC HD would not get a new hood like the Chevrolet but would see a new grille. Does anyone know if this is true or not?
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From what I have heard, the GMC isn't getting a new HD grille to further differentiate it from the Chevy. (I still think the GMC looks better though, as much as I am a Chevy fan...).
I have not heard anything about a new GMC HD grille. According to the Ordering website the only changes are:


(91U) Marine Blue Metallic
(PDK) Recovery Hook Delete

New Features

(CF5) Sunroof, power (Not available until the first Quarter of 2005.)
(UG1) HomeLink, Universal Transmitter (included only as part of CF5 Sunroof)
(DK8) Console, overhead deluxe (included only as part of CF5 Sunroof)
(25U) Deep Blue Metallic

No new grille
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but i think the GMC GM work truck, is getting a new look in 2006 from the other guys who mention this at the other GM forums.
What do you mean the work truck? I haven't heard this yet. More information please. Thanks! And yes I agree the GMC does look better I just think its odd that they aren't giving it some sort of makeover to go along with the Chevy.
You have never saw the letters on some chev/gmc pick up's that are red letters "WT' ? stands for "Work Truck" tis a no frills truck, ie no dome lite, no carpet (does have rubber matting) and other deleted items. One feature few are aware of in the WT series, is yes you can get Quadrasteer in both Chev/GMC 1500/2500's even tho it is a cheaper truck!
Yeah I've seen them around but what board does it say that they are getting redesigned on? I haven't seen this information anywhere and I'd be interested in learning more about it.
The info i got was at a same as this but litte different.
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