Super Cruise may never get you off the highway. Instead, that will be Ultra Cruise's domain, GM's Executive VP of Global Product Development, Doug Park, told CNBC this week.

The next-gen system will be the next phase in the development of Super Cruise, which currently allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel on freeways and certain two-lane highways.

We have another big team inside the company hat that's being worked on internally," said Parks. "Ultra Cruise's domain would be all driving, all the time."

Despite that promise, Ultra Cruise won't be fully autonomous, according to Parks.

"We're trying to be focused in on how can we continue to give drivers additional capability, above and beyond the highways, at a priceable level," Parks told CNBC. "At the same time, we have teams looking at how we can expand the capabilities to more scenarios."

Parks also said the name is not official yet. Although GM owns the trademark for the name, things may still change.