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Let's go back to the period where GM was developing the "new" Silverdodo. GM had allocated BILLIONS for the product and then decided to RUSH the product to market. GM had a chance at that moment to introduce a revolutionary product that could have had SIGNIFICANT competitive advantages over any other truck on the market.

What GM delivered was a new song and a same old tired truck dance. The product was a marginal improvement over the old one. GM tarted up the interior and dumbed down the exterior. It wasn't better than anything on the market.

Yet GM rushed it to the market.

GM could have introduced an innovative full-sized pickup WHILE still selling the old one. The new truck should have been on the model of the Honda Ridgeline only more logically designed. It could have been so different from the other Big Three trucks that it would have weathered economic and gas crises far better than the eventual new Silverdodo has.

GM missed the boat. But then again, today's GM isn't about making the boat. It is all about talking about making the boat. Results don't matter. Improvement doesn't matter. Just saying you are better is all that matters.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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